Trailer Refrigeration Unit (USA)

a r k t i k 2000US
Refrigeration 10°F to 50°F [-12°C to +10°]
Refrigerant R404A; Clorine: zero - non ozone depleting 
Trailer enclosure Size 335 Cubic Interior Feet (10 m3) to 671 Cubic Interior Feet (19 m3)
Trailer Sizes from 8 to 16 feet 

Major improvements in product design:

  • New larger condenser increases heat exchange performance by 33% over prior unit
  • New pressure control technology provides dynamic condenser fan control (reducing noise and increasing efficiency)
  • New reinforced compressor bracket design support the unit frame for heavy-duty applications.
  • New internal component layout provides easier access for maintenance and service.
  • Updated product documentation including installation and operation manual with spare part list for better support.
Trailer Refrigeration Unit (USA)

Included in trailer refrigeration unit arktik 2000US:

  • Automatic hot gas defrosting
  • Doublesolenoid valve for defrosting 
  • Pressure -controlled condenser fan regulation 
  • Suction line cooled compressor
  • Pre-wired cabling to connect a lamp
  • "Camping socket" with coupling
  • Thermometer to read the inside temperature
  • State of the art electronics
  • Lockable control panel

*Ambient temperature 86°F [30°C]
*Trailer internal temperature 35,6°F [2°C]