GOVI GmbH, German manufacturer of best-in-class trailer refrigeration units, continues to expand its business footprint in North America via GOVI USA, its distribution arm

With its extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, GOVI has built a broad international client base for its artktik line of high-efficiency trailer refrigeration units. The company's flagship product, the arktik 2000US, combines GOVI's unique technology and factory-finished quality to address a significant gap in the American market: compact, one-piece trailer refrigeration units.

The arktik 2000US, designed specifically for the Americas, is energy-efficient, quick to install, safe, quiet, aesthetically pleasing and covers a wide variety of customer refrigeration needs. It is a low-cost, high-quality, plug-and-play unit for small trailers that is easy to own and operate.

Christian Aitken, managing director of GOVI USA, has been leading the company's American expansion from its Miami office since 2012. “We have a tremendous opportunity to serve the needs of American refrigerated trailer and small cold storage builders with a transformative product that is world-class yet affordable,” said Aitken.